Day 69

Self acceptance is really important. It took me a very long time to learn just how important it is. Even now, at 20 years old, I have days where I just don’t like the way I am. Today I’m feeling good, today I’m learning to love myself. Here are a few videos I found that truly capture how important not only self acceptance is but also just acceptance.

1. Hornbach “Sag est min deinim Projekt”

It’s a short advertisement for Hornbach, a German DIY store. Rarely does an ad capture such messages so well. I was very impressed.

2. HollySiz- The light

HollySiz is a French musician. Her video manages to convey how hard it can be to express yourself and also how cruel kids and adults can be. The important message here is that there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself, and that a parent’s acceptance of their child is of utmost importance to their well-being.
3. Bad Suns- Salt

Bad Suns is an American Band from California. This video was directed by Daniel Campos, a choreographer and ex back up dancer for Madonna and Shakira. He also appears in Shakira’s “Did It Again”. I love his work. The actress in the video is his wife-also a very talented dancer. Anyway, this video really got to me since the first time I watched it. The message is pretty clear. I will be doing my own version of this video soon, but instead of a transwoman, I will be appearing as a transman.

4. Ruby Rose- Break Free

Ruby Rose is an Australian model, DJ, actress, amongst other awesome things. She will be appearing in Orange is the New Black season 3- CAN’T WAIT! I love her portrayal of gender identity in this video. She really is a huge inspiration.

I guess this post combines self acceptance with transformation. Come to think of it, self acceptance doesn’t come without transformation.

Love and  Peace,


Day 2


Last night I watched Tomboy, which is a french film from 2011. It is one of my favorite movies because I can relate to it…quite a lot. Doing what Laure/Michael (the main character) did certainly crossed my mind when I was young, but I never had the guts to do it. I’m sure I could’ve pulled it off because people would confuse me with a boy until my boobs came in. And even then I think I still managed to confuse people.

I really recommend this film, it has such a sweet and innocent approach to gender identity. One example of this is the scene pictured above, where Laure and Jeanne (her little sister) are joking around while Jeanne cuts Laure’s hair and Jeanne doesn’t care if her sister would rather identify as a boy. They have a special bond and they enjoy their time together. It really is a beautiful sisterhood, which reminds me of my own sister, who is one of the two people aware of my sexuality. The other is my best friend from childhood, who is also gay and would dress up as a boy with me…but more on her later.

Please watch this movie if you haven’t yet. If you don’t know where to download or need help with subtitles, let me know. I’d be more than happy to help you out.

Love and peace,