Day 90

Ruby Rose Appreciation Post

As you may know, DJ/Model/Actress Ruby Rose will be in season 3 of Orange is the New Black, portraying Stella Carlin. While she was only in the trailer for 2 seconds, she managed to make me and half of tumblr swoon over her perfectly timed wink. I am very excited for the premiere of OITNB Season 3. I figured I’d write a little appreciation post about Ruby because she’s pretty amazing. Here are a few reasons why she’s such an inspiration to me:

1. She embraces her genderfluidity

Ruby is one of those very few people who look amazingly well as either gender, however she identifies more with her masculinity. That makes her a huge inspiration to me because she makes me realize that being and expressing yourself is ok, no matter what gender you identify with and no matter what other people say.

2. She’s an animal’s rights activist

From what I’ve read, she’s a vegetarian and also has a pet pig- how cool is that?
Also she’s a defender of animal’s rights. In fact if you go on her instagram right now, you’ll see she posted a few photos asking followers to donate to KAT (Katmandu Animal Treatment Centre).

3. She speaks up against bullying

She worked with Headspace, Australian National Youth Mental Health Foundation, to help combat bullying and teenage suicide. Last I heard was the following video she did for the fifth army:

4. Ruby Rose + Phoebe Dahl = Relationship goals

She’s engaged to Phoebe Dahl, a fashion designer and social activist. Her clothing brand, faircloth, donates uniforms to school girls in Nepal in order for them to receive an education-pretty awesome, right? Anyway, Phoebe and Ruby look very cute together and I hope to one day be as happy as they are. Oh and Phoebe is the granddaughter of Roald Dahl- just thought I’d throw that in.

5. This Article: Click here
The article is about Ruby’s tough childhood and how it shaped her. I really recommend it. It is a great read and it explores themes like gender identity, love, parents, and trust. Her words really got me and also I realized we had some similarities growing up- I also moved around a lot as a kid.

So those are a few reasons why Ruby is huge inspiration to me. I really can’t wait for Stella Carlin’s debut. I hope you guys liked it