Day 70

I found an old notebook today. It was my English notebook from my senior year of highschool. In it, I wrote down 52 reasons I should’ve know I was gay. I’ll share one now.

Reason #21:

If you’re latin, then you know about quinceaƱera parties. That dreaded, (not by everyone) almost archaic tradition that every 15 year old girl has to go through. It’s kind of like a Mexican version of a prom and a sweet sixteen mashed together.

Most girls dress in poofy pastel colored dress, dance waltz with their father, and then some kind of modern dance with their “chambelanes” (pubescent boys who escort you during your party), but I…I took the money for the party and used to buy a ticket to Domincan Republic to go see my also gay best friend. I mentioned her in Day 2.

Love and Peace,