Day ???

I kind of lost track of what day of my project it is, however I jumped the gun and came out to my parents. I think it’s gonna take them a while to adjust, but I’m very happy I did it. They didn’t say anything negative, to be honest, they didn’t really say much. Words cannot describe how relieved I feel. It is such a great feeling.

I guess I reached the ultimate goal of my project- to muster enough courage to come out. I might not blog much anymore since I don’t feel the need to vent about things anymore. I will keep this blog open and write ocassionally in case I can help anyone out there reading this.

This is my tumblr in case you want to see my art
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Lastly, I met someone…well, I met her a long time ago (a year ago), but it is the first time I’ve wanted to talk about her. She’s amazing, we clicked instantly, we snapchat, message and skype incessantly. We’ve even helped each other come out. There’s only one little problem…she lives 7,000 km away from me. In Australia to be exact.
If she’s from Australia and I’m on this side of the world…does that make me Ellen?
Anyway, I’m hoping to meet her someday

*Cue hopeful romantic music*
I’m off to go skateboarding

Love and Peace,



Day 32

First of all, my apologies to my readers…if I have any regular readers.

It was my birthday this weekend and the girls from my building threw me a surprise party. It was amazing, they took me to an arcade because I felt “old” and nothing says young like pizza, laser tag and go karts :).

I also came out to my best friend here. Let me tell you, right before I said the words: “I’m gay” I was a tangle of fear, nervousness, and doubt- however, 1.3 seconds later I was a bundle of joy, happiness, and emotion. My best friend was thankfully fine with it and so far nothing seems different. I never thought that two ¬†words which are so simple could make me feel so liberated. I want to help other people feel the same way.

A year from now, I will be seated in front of my parents pronouncing those same two words. I really hope those words will have the same sweet taste as they nervously roll of my tongue a year from now.

Love and Peace,