Day 67- On Marriage Equality

I was so happy to read this article on buzzfeed:
Mexico’s Quiet Marriage Equality Revolution

I’m so happy and proud to be a part of Mexico’s quiet revolution. Not only does this help the LGBT community, but acceptance of groups outside of the tight gendernormative box increases women’s rights movements-this includes the feminist movement, which is very necessary up here in Northern Mexico.

While the state I was born in and the state I currently live in are very conservative and I probably won’t be able to get married here during my lifetime, I’m happy the country as a whole is taking baby steps towards acceptance.

Also, I was very thrilled to hear that gay marriage was approved in Slovenia and currently waiting for the President’s signature. It will be in effect soon. 🙂


Day 60

I got the best advice from one of my friends today.
I was freaking about life, as per usual, and she gave me the weirdest analogy to calm me down but it actually made sense.

She said:

Your degree is like your baby.
I know, I know, wtf, right? but it’s true.
It takes like 9 semesters to get it (9 months)
You suffer through it and you throw up a lot…for very different reasons though.
But in the end, when you’re up there holding your degree/baby you’re fucking glad you did it anyway. And for the rest of your life, you’ll be glad you went through those 9 semesters because you built a whole life around it. So yeah dude, just suffer through it.


My degree is my baby and I’m in my first trimester. At least I get to drink


Day 38

50 shades of HELL NO
What is it with this book (and now film) that has got women all over the world crazed?
Most of the women in my building were going crazy over how sexy and ROMANTIC the movie was.
I think Anna is just in an abusive relationship with Christian, blinded by the hope that Christian can be “fixed”.
I think it’s a little dangerous for women to fantasize about being in this sort of relationship because I don’t think love, infatuation, or attraction justifies an abusive relationship.

I do have to thank 50 shades of Grey though; If it weren’t for that movie, Ellen would have never made this masterpiece:

Day 32

First of all, my apologies to my readers…if I have any regular readers.

It was my birthday this weekend and the girls from my building threw me a surprise party. It was amazing, they took me to an arcade because I felt “old” and nothing says young like pizza, laser tag and go karts :).

I also came out to my best friend here. Let me tell you, right before I said the words: “I’m gay” I was a tangle of fear, nervousness, and doubt- however, 1.3 seconds later I was a bundle of joy, happiness, and emotion. My best friend was thankfully fine with it and so far nothing seems different. I never thought that two  words which are so simple could make me feel so liberated. I want to help other people feel the same way.

A year from now, I will be seated in front of my parents pronouncing those same two words. I really hope those words will have the same sweet taste as they nervously roll of my tongue a year from now.

Love and Peace,


Day 20

The fear of failure is so mentally paralyzing.

It’s keeping me from doing what I want and growing as a person.
It is so hard to overcome, but I’m trying.
This blog really helps.

Also, the Help tab is up. If you need someone to talk to or know someone who needs help, let me know. Sometimes we just need someone who will listen. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Love and Peace,


Day 15


A licensed psychologist here is advertising homosexuality as a illness and claims to have a way to correct it. They were handing out these pamphlets by my campus

The paper reads:
“Do you suspect that your daughter, sister aunt is a lesbian. Does she:

  • Have short hair?
  • Dress like a man?
  • Go out with a lot of women?
  • Have failed relationships with the opposite sex?


Let’s see how I did on that check list:

  • Have short hair?  NOPE!
  • Dress like a man?  sometimes…I wear baseball caps and flannel
  • Go out with a lot of women? Yeah
  • Have failed relationships with the opposite sex? Yeah, but I’ve also had successful ones

Let’s see how my sister (the straightest girl I know) did on the checklist

  • Have short hair? YUP
  • Dress like a man? NO
  • Go out with a lot of women? YEAH
  • Have failed relationships with the opposite sex? HELL YEAH

She scored better than me on that…should I be worried?

I’m very offended, the DSM-V doesn’t recognize homosexuality as an illness, she should know that.

Love and Peace,