Day ???

I kind of lost track of what day of my project it is, however I jumped the gun and came out to my parents. I think it’s gonna take them a while to adjust, but I’m very happy I did it. They didn’t say anything negative, to be honest, they didn’t really say much. Words cannot describe how relieved I feel. It is such a great feeling.

I guess I reached the ultimate goal of my project- to muster enough courage to come out. I might not blog much anymore since I don’t feel the need to vent about things anymore. I will keep this blog open and write ocassionally in case I can help anyone out there reading this.

This is my tumblr in case you want to see my art
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Lastly, I met someone…well, I met her a long time ago (a year ago), but it is the first time I’ve wanted to talk about her. She’s amazing, we clicked instantly, we snapchat, message and skype incessantly. We’ve even helped each other come out. There’s only one little problem…she lives 7,000 km away from me. In Australia to be exact.
If she’s from Australia and I’m on this side of the world…does that make me Ellen?
Anyway, I’m hoping to meet her someday

*Cue hopeful romantic music*
I’m off to go skateboarding

Love and Peace,



Day 90

Ruby Rose Appreciation Post

As you may know, DJ/Model/Actress Ruby Rose will be in season 3 of Orange is the New Black, portraying Stella Carlin. While she was only in the trailer for 2 seconds, she managed to make me and half of tumblr swoon over her perfectly timed wink. I am very excited for the premiere of OITNB Season 3. I figured I’d write a little appreciation post about Ruby because she’s pretty amazing. Here are a few reasons why she’s such an inspiration to me:

1. She embraces her genderfluidity

Ruby is one of those very few people who look amazingly well as either gender, however she identifies more with her masculinity. That makes her a huge inspiration to me because she makes me realize that being and expressing yourself is ok, no matter what gender you identify with and no matter what other people say.

2. She’s an animal’s rights activist

From what I’ve read, she’s a vegetarian and also has a pet pig- how cool is that?
Also she’s a defender of animal’s rights. In fact if you go on her instagram right now, you’ll see she posted a few photos asking followers to donate to KAT (Katmandu Animal Treatment Centre).

3. She speaks up against bullying

She worked with Headspace, Australian National Youth Mental Health Foundation, to help combat bullying and teenage suicide. Last I heard was the following video she did for the fifth army:

4. Ruby Rose + Phoebe Dahl = Relationship goals

She’s engaged to Phoebe Dahl, a fashion designer and social activist. Her clothing brand, faircloth, donates uniforms to school girls in Nepal in order for them to receive an education-pretty awesome, right? Anyway, Phoebe and Ruby look very cute together and I hope to one day be as happy as they are. Oh and Phoebe is the granddaughter of Roald Dahl- just thought I’d throw that in.

5. This Article: Click here
The article is about Ruby’s tough childhood and how it shaped her. I really recommend it. It is a great read and it explores themes like gender identity, love, parents, and trust. Her words really got me and also I realized we had some similarities growing up- I also moved around a lot as a kid.

So those are a few reasons why Ruby is huge inspiration to me. I really can’t wait for Stella Carlin’s debut. I hope you guys liked it

Day 86

To be completely honest, when I came out to my friends, I was expecting my own little lesbian squad to show up in my doorstep the next day. I pictured them holding the first season of Ellen and Rose and Rosie’s wedding photos or something. The L word should have prepared me for this…

Seriously though, it is very hard to find gay friends. Tumblr should have prepared me for this

Anyway, I’ll keep searching. I’m hopeful that I’ll build my little squad, cos right now all my gay friends are scattered through out the globe and they’re all at least a $700 plane ticket away.

Here’s to staying positive 😀

Day 73

This ad hit me like a ton of bricks. It is completely eye opening. I really love it when something so strong can be conveyed so clearly in less than two mintues.

Can we air this in Mexico? Right between the 4 and 5 pm telenovelas.
Seriously though, indifference does a lot more damage than expected, so please, if you’re reading this, promise me you will do something about social injustice.

I’m going to start blogging with my real name now, because in the past few days I’ve realized that there are very few Latino LGBT role models. Not that I’m expecting to be one, but I figured if someone from a remote place in Central America reads this, I want to show that it’s ok to be yourself and that you shouldn’t feel the need to hide who you are.


Love and Peace,


Day 70

I found an old notebook today. It was my English notebook from my senior year of highschool. In it, I wrote down 52 reasons I should’ve know I was gay. I’ll share one now.

Reason #21:

If you’re latin, then you know about quinceañera parties. That dreaded, (not by everyone) almost archaic tradition that every 15 year old girl has to go through. It’s kind of like a Mexican version of a prom and a sweet sixteen mashed together.

Most girls dress in poofy pastel colored dress, dance waltz with their father, and then some kind of modern dance with their “chambelanes” (pubescent boys who escort you during your party), but I…I took the money for the party and used to buy a ticket to Domincan Republic to go see my also gay best friend. I mentioned her in Day 2.

Love and Peace,


Day 69

Self acceptance is really important. It took me a very long time to learn just how important it is. Even now, at 20 years old, I have days where I just don’t like the way I am. Today I’m feeling good, today I’m learning to love myself. Here are a few videos I found that truly capture how important not only self acceptance is but also just acceptance.

1. Hornbach “Sag est min deinim Projekt”

It’s a short advertisement for Hornbach, a German DIY store. Rarely does an ad capture such messages so well. I was very impressed.

2. HollySiz- The light

HollySiz is a French musician. Her video manages to convey how hard it can be to express yourself and also how cruel kids and adults can be. The important message here is that there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself, and that a parent’s acceptance of their child is of utmost importance to their well-being.
3. Bad Suns- Salt

Bad Suns is an American Band from California. This video was directed by Daniel Campos, a choreographer and ex back up dancer for Madonna and Shakira. He also appears in Shakira’s “Did It Again”. I love his work. The actress in the video is his wife-also a very talented dancer. Anyway, this video really got to me since the first time I watched it. The message is pretty clear. I will be doing my own version of this video soon, but instead of a transwoman, I will be appearing as a transman.

4. Ruby Rose- Break Free

Ruby Rose is an Australian model, DJ, actress, amongst other awesome things. She will be appearing in Orange is the New Black season 3- CAN’T WAIT! I love her portrayal of gender identity in this video. She really is a huge inspiration.

I guess this post combines self acceptance with transformation. Come to think of it, self acceptance doesn’t come without transformation.

Love and  Peace,